Dark Sun: Conspiracy in the City of Sails

Level 1 and 2 adventure possibilities

So many possibilities, so little time...

Fresh off their triumphant performance in The Case of the Missing Transport, the party returned to Balic to seek their next series of taskings.

The following things were learned:

  • Reza informed them that several of his caravans have been hijacked lately. The same make and model of the goods that have gone missing (in this case, ceramic jugs and pots) seem to be showing up in certain stalls in the Elven Market shortly after each hijacking. He can’t prove anything yet, but Reza is taking a big hit on this, as the goods in the Elven Market are priced so low that Reza can’t compete even with the goods that he DOES still have. He would like the party to investigate and solve the problem.
  • There is a gladiator League of Champions currently running in Balic. Gladiators who fight well and progress through the various levels can earn both fame and fortune. Gladiators who fight poorly, of course, can earn themselves a quick death. Interested parties can apply to enter the Bronze Level league at the Criterion
  • Local merchants in the Northern Market district have been complaining that a new gang has been shaking them down as part of a protection racket. Both the local praetors and the merchants would be grateful to anyone who could investigate and neuter the Red Hand Gang.



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