Dark Sun: Conspiracy in the City of Sails

Rounds 1-4

4 down, 1 to go

Round 1 – Open Combat

The players handily defeated a motley group of gladiators in open combat. Aside from one rather tough gladiator, this was a fairly easy encounter. The only thing worth noting is that Taamas the thri-kreen magically transformed into Honsou the half-giant, and Jataar grew a foot and was no longer undead. Also, Bal’thier disappeared while Durgar the mul stepped in.

Round 2 – Powerball!

This round was also fairly easy for the party to defeat. They keyed in early on a strategy to get the most valuable red balls (worth 6pts a piece) first, while the other team foolishly tried to go for the more conveniently placed blue (3pts) and black (2pts) balls. This might have been more of a contest if the Lion guarded the goal weren’t so stupid and awful.

Round 3 – Beast Battle

The party wasn’t pleased to encounter Kruthiks again so soon after their last adventure. They were also upset to find out that the walls slowly moved inward each round, putting everyone in tighter quarters than they’d like. However, several well placed hits to the Kruthik hatchlings dispatched that threat from the board rather quickly. Jataar managed to end the encounter just in time, as poor Fealdon was about to be crushed up against a pillar.

Round 4 – Watch Your Step

The Criterion is famed for its shifting floor, which came into play in this round. A rather tenacious group of halflings, elves and humans initially gave the party some trouble, with Jataar and Durgar getting bloodied rather early. However, the group rebounded, with Ward taking the ranged halfing slinger out of the equation with his stranglehold attack and Honsou stubbornly whacking away at the remaining enemies. Fealdon continued to prove his worth with some well timed Ardent Surges.


I r Honsou, not Hansu! :p

Rounds 1-4

People who don’t inform the DM about their name change until the day of, and then fail to send along updated character sheets don’t get to complain about mis-spellings….


Rounds 1-4

Actually I sent it way back when, after the first session… You should check your email log.

Rounds 1-4

Doh, I stand corrected. You got lost in the pile of emails I had built up.

Rounds 1-4

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