Dark Sun: Conspiracy in the City of Sails

The Case of the Missing Transport

Poison dart to the face!

A House Mollari caravan had gone missing. This was different than the other raids – in those cases, the caravans were plundered, but the crew always made it back alive. Reza Mollari dispatched the group to investigate and recover the wagon, cargo, and (if not too inconvinient) the crew. The caravan leader, Lenier Mollari, was especially important to rescue, since he was Reza’s second cousin’s son on his mother’s side.

The group discovered the remains of the wagon near the outskirts of Balic. It turns out that a gang of Silt Runners, commanded by a devious Ssurran Poisonscale Collector, had kidnapped the crew and cargo. There was a vicious battle near the wagon with a silt runner scout party, and Fealdon got shot in the face with poison darts a lot. Afterward, the party fought their way past a small pack of kruthiks and discovered the rest of the silt runner gang in an abandoned ruin. There was a quick battle and the crew and cargo were saved.



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