Dark Sun: Conspiracy in the City of Sails

Welcome to Balic

Wherein our intrepid group of characters arrives in the city of Balic

Half-elf ardent Fealdon and the dwarf warlock Jataar arrived in the city of Balic. They met with Lord Reza Mollari, head of the merchant house House Mollari. Reza agreed to serve as their patron in exchange for various services. They also met Reza’s right-hand man, Lon Cotto.

Fealdon and Jataar met up with Taamas, an associate of Jataar who had arrived several weeks earlier to investigate possibilities in the gladiator arena, the Criterion. They met with Bal’their, a human assassin, and Ward, a human rogue – both men are from the city of Balic and have ties to House Mollari.



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