Dark Sun: Conspiracy in the City of Sails

Round 5

AHMAHGAWD it hurrrrts!

Round 5 featured a knock-down drag out fight with the Trio: Alyshex the Flesh-ripper, Krayd the Butcher and Orog the Scarred Champion.

The fight started well for the party, with Ward locking down Alyshex, preventing her from using her ranged attacks. Honsou quickly engaged with Orog and Krayd, using his half-giant heritage to invoke a well-timed resistance to damage.

Unfortunately, Jataar started the encounter 0 for 6 with his attacks and Ward made a critical mistake giving up one of his 1d6 damage rolls, giving the Trio time to recover and turn the tide on the party. Krayd unleashed Gratuitous Violence, stunning Honsou, before moving on with a mighty assault on Jataar and Fealdon. Orog rushed to Alyshex’s defense and crushed Ward using his Champion’s Scorn. Within a round, 3 of the 4 players were down.

Suddenly, just when it looked dire, the party felt a surge of healing energy wash over them from a mysterious source. Their wounds miraculously healed, they sprung up and attacked the surprised trio with new vigor. They quickly finished off the Trio, winning the Bronze Level.

The party was rewarded with bronze colored medals signifying their status as Bronze level champions, along with a purse of 100gp per person.



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